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Side-Channel Countermeasures for Homomorphic Encryption Platforms​

Synthesis Augmentation with Genetic Algorithms

IoT Security for Home Network Enhancement ​

Using Artificial Intelligence to Assist Formal Verification

Artificial Intelligence Detecting Hardware Trojans

Security of Automotive Embedded Systems

Encrypted Arithmetic Operations With A Dynamic Key​

DRACO Scholars Present Work at Student Scholars' Symposium

Novel CAD Workflows, Side Channels on Homomorphic Encryption, and Polymorphic Hardware Among Topics Unveiled

Congrats to Northrop Grumman Research Fellow Joshua!

Congratulations to Joshua Joseph who was recently awarded an inaugural Northrop Grumman Undergraduate research fellowship!

DRACO Welcomes 3 New Undergraduate Researchers

Welcome our our three new undergraduates Kate, Franco, and Francisco.


Two Journal of Cybersecurity Publications in 2023!

Two Side Channel publications published in the open-access Journal of Cybersecurity & privacy in Summer and Fall of 2023!

Redefining Value & Risk Invited Talk @ AIU

Dr. Borowczak was an invited panelist and speaker at the 1st annual “AI and Cybersecurity GCC Forum” hosted by the American International University, Kuwait.

DRACO Welcomes 10 Undergraduate Researchers

Welcome to our 2023-2024 Undergraduate cohort of student researchers starting in Fall.

DRACO Welcomes Andey & Jenna

DRACO is pleased to welcome two graduate students! Welcome Andey Robins (Ph.D Student) and Jenna Goodrich (MS Student).


The DRACO (Design of Resilient Architectures for Computing) Lab is pleased to join the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Central Florida (UCF).