UCF DRACO LAB Design of Resilient Architectures for Computing

Andey Robins is a graduate student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of Central Florida. A PhD student, Mx. Robins is involved in educator professional development, K-20 instructional support, and computer engineering research. Their research interests are continually evolving, but currently include hardware/software co-verification, applications of generative artificial intelligence in computer architecture, and homomorphic encryption in hardware.

Andey has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wyoming. They have worked in a number of roles as a software engineer including as a back-end developer (MaleFromHome), full-stack developer (JarrowTech), and mobile application developer (Xplor Adventures). They have published a number of articles in both the computer science education and the hardware security spaces. They have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Borowczak on a number of projects funded both privately and publicly by groups such as NSF, NSA, IOG (formerly IOHK), Kraken, and the State of Wyoming.

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