UCF DRACO LAB Design of Resilient Architectures for Computing

Dr. Mike Borowczak is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Central Florida. An IEEE and ACM Senior Member, Dr. Borowczak is actively involved in research, corporate & community engagement/service, and teaching. His research agenda is focused on automation for resilent semi-conductor designs and includes topics at various stages of investation such as: advanced/novel cryptographic logic primatives (polymorphic, homomorphic, quantum-enhanced), symbiosis of AI designed constructs for AI applications, assessment and evalution of assitive technologies on semiconductor design and post-manufacturing opperation, and developement and detection methods for AI-based sabbotage.

Dr. Borowczak is a former hardware security architect and data scientist, having worked in the semiconductor industry (Intel, Texas Instruments), bioinformatics (Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center), and several startups (SolidFire now a part of NetApp, Automox). He and his students have published over 100 journal and conference publications. His research has been funded (~$8.5M since 2018) by federal, national, state, and industrial entities, including the NSF, NSA, Idaho National Laboratories, State of Wyoming, IOG, Kraken, and Ripple.

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