Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

UCF Medical Robotics Laboratory
Location Harris Engineering Center (HEC)
RM 263
University of Central Florida
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32816
Faculty Members Charles Hughes (Computer Science), Alain Kassab (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Eytan Pollak (ECE), Vipul Patel (College of Medicine), Zhihua Qu (ECE), Roger Smith (Florida Hospital) Lab DirectorZhihua Qu

Mission: The Medical Robotics Laboratory is to bring together a team of faculty from UCF and local hospitals, to educate our students the state-of-art techniques in medical robotic surgery, and to conduct multidisciplinary research in tele-surgery, mixed and augmented virtual reality, surgical simulation and rehearsal, virtual mentoring, and other technologies of medical robotics.

Robotic Platform & Facility The main equipment of UCF's Medical Robotics Laboratory is a dual-arm RAVEN III medical robot:


Research Topics
• Tele-surgical systems, and synchronization under large latency
• Heptics
• 3-D modeling
• Virtual mentoring
• Surgical rehearsal
• Micro-robots, single-port instruments, dexterous manipulation
• Man-machine (surgeon-robot) interface
Teaching Experiments
• Kinematics
• Inverse kinematics
• Jacobian
• Dynamics
• Modeling of organs
• Path planning and collision avoidance
• Control of robotic manipulators
• Force control and heptics
• Virtual reality
• RAVEN III experiments
• Medical robotics: Case studies
• Ethics and safety
• Site visit: Florida Hospital at Celebration

Acknowledgement: The lab was supported in part by Florida Biomedical Engineering Partnership..

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