Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Course Requirements
"The Computer Engineering Curriculum is divided into four categories: Lower Division Required Courses, Support Courses, Upper Division Required courses and Technical Electives."

CpE BS Plan of Study

Current CpE Catalog Course List

Lower Division Required Courses (Total 32 hours)

EEL 3004C Electrical Networks 3 hrs
EEL 3123C Networks and Systems 4 hrs
EEE 3307C Electronics I 4 hrs
EEE 3342C Digital Systems 3 hrs
EEL 3801 Computer Organization 3 hrs
EGN 3211 Engineering Analysis & Comp. 3 hrs
COP 3502 Computer Science I 3 hrs
COP 3503 Computer Science II 3 hrs
COP 3330 Object Oriented Programming 3 hrs
COT 3100 Introduction to Discrete Structures 3 hrs

Support Courses (Total 36 hours)

MAC 2311 Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry I 4 hrs
MAC 2312 Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry II 4 hrs
MAC 2313 Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry III 4 hrs
MAP 2302 Differential Equations 3 hrs
EGN 3310 Engineering Analysis Statics 3 hrs
EGN 3321 Engineering Analysis Dynamics OR 3 hrs
EGN 3358 Thermo Fluids-Heat Transfer
STA 3032 Probability & Statistics for Engineers 3 hrs
PHY 2048C Physics for Engr. & Sci. I 4 hrs
PHY 2049C Physics for Engr. & Sci. II 4 hrs
CHS 1440 Principles of Chemistry 4 hrs

Upper Division Required Courses (22 hours)

COP 4331 Processess for Object-Oriented Software Development 3 hrs
COP 4600 Operating Systems 3 hrs
EEL 4742C Embedded Systems 4 hrs
EEL 4768 Computer Architecture 3 hrs
EEL 4781 Computer Comm Networks 3 hrs
EEL 4914 Senior Design I 3 hrs
EEL 4915L Senior Design II 3 hrs

Technical Electives (9 hours)*

Nine (9) additional hours of EEE or EEL 4000- and 5000-level electrical or computer engineering courses. Or computer science courses. For more information, view the Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technical Electives List. No more than ONE (1) hour of independent study in computer engineering may be used.
*11 hours for transfer students.

For more information, view the CpE Degree Requirement Check Sheet , which is to be used as a guideline and may change without notice. For TRANSFER STUDENTS, use the CpE Degree Transfer Requirement Check Sheet.

The ECE Undergraduate Office will always have the most current information.

Special Departmental Requirements

Grade Requirements: Courses in engineering core require a grade of C (2.0) or better. A minimum GPA of 2.25 is required in the computer engineering major courses.

Departmental Residency Requirement: At least 32 hours of computer engineering coursework must be completed in the ECE at UCF.

CpE Transfer of Credit: Courses with a common course number taken at any Florida State University System (SUS) institution or Florida community college are automatically transferable. Students with a Bachelor of Science from an accredited institution or an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida SUS institution or Florida community college automatically satisfy the GEP. Substitutions for GEP must be approved through Academic Services, Millican Hall (MH) 210.

Substitutions for computer engineering requirements are on a course-by-course basis and MUST be approved by the CpE Undergraduate Coordinator. Instructions for this process are in the ECE undergraduate suite in Harris Corporation Engineering Center (HEC 345). The decision is typically based on the degree of similarity of the two courses both in content and level of presentation. Regardless of transfer credit, the University and School residency requirements must be satisfied.

Click here to access a printable PDF version of the Computer Engineering 2016-2017 flow chart.